Another workflow to the previous panorama photography

In my previous post I processed a exposure series and combined them. That was how I once did it and thought that is easy and effective enough, but without really looking for alternatives so far. After publishing the post and being inspired by my father’s comments and a blog post by Gregory Long to use RAW-editors, I started looking for alternatives. The two options I saw for Open Source Software under Linux were rawtherapee and darktable. After first attempts with both of them I decided to use darktable although rawtherapee had predefined profiles like “Natural 1” or predefined white balances like “daylight” and much more user friendly stuff. I found one “first steps” tutorial (in german) for darktable and darktable had one option which really convinced me and that was the “lens correction”. This feature flattened the horizon and I could combine the Panorama picture in Hugin. I applied some more filters and came up with the following picture:

Projection: Rectilinear (0) FOV: 95 x 65 Ev: 12.71
Projection: Rectilinear (0)
FOV: 95 x 65
Ev: 12.71

The foreground is darker compared to the HDR picture. Nevertheless, this here uses one application less and therefore saves some time. And I now know a little about RAW-Editors and how to apply them. I think, that’s now a matter of taste which picture you like more.


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