Wasp variety in our community garden

Last summer I realized that there is quiet a variety of wasps is our community garden. And I know that not only bees are pollenizer, but I was not aware of wasps doing the same job. I took several pictures of them, of which I now publish the nicest here.

UPDATED SPECIES NAMES (20.5.2016) Thanks to Alexandra Stevens (BUND Mainz) who contacted an expert.

However, I’m not an entomologist and I couldn’t identify them with my lay book and I tried to google them. While googling, I learned that I should really be sceptical about the results (I put the Wikipedia link and name below each picture). So here are the pictures, with the names I found. I would be happy about some feedback, if I got it, if I am wrong or if it is not possible at all to identify them with a picture. Most of them were either on carrots or onions.

Polistes (German: Feldwespe)


Sceliphron curvatum (German: orientalische Mauerwespe)

Delta unguiculatus (German: große Töpfer-/Lehmwespe)

Gasteruptiidae (German: Gichtwespen)

The next two ones I feel pretty doubtful about the names I found

Sphex funerarius (German: Heuschreckensandwespe)



Cerceris (German: Knotenwespe)

I know there exist much better professional photos of those insects in the internet. Nevertheless, the picture I took myself are of course the prettiest ones for myself.


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