Airplanes above Mainz

Quiet a while ago I bought a SDR-RTL USB dongle. Originally to capture the signal from my outdoor temperature sensor. However, no one had decipherd the signal for that device so far and I was not motivated enough to invest too much time in it. I almost forgot the dongle and remembered it recently, when I read about Flight radar and dump1090, which logs the ID, position and elevation signal of airplanes. Almost all airplanes transmit this unencrypted signal about themselves at 1090 MHz the ‘Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast System (ADS-B)’. And I was curious how I could log and visualize those flight tracks from Frankfurt/Main airport towards Mainz.

I’ve build an R package to process the data from dump1090 and present some function for flat and 3D visualization for it.

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Flying bumblebees

Spring arrived and pollinators started their work. In 2013 I took a picture of a bumblebee, just leaving a flower and flying towards me by chance. If it was a sharp picture it would have been really great picture. Since then the same happened several times and in the following I show those photos, which are at least so (un-)sharp, that the insect can be recognized.


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